Wild Turkey


Real Bourbon. No apologies.

Wild Turkey makes authentic, high quality bourbon regardless of popularity. They weren't about to change. They asked us to just make sure everyone knew. 

In the process of reintroducing the brand to America and the Global markets, we redefined the role of celebrity Creative Director. With a work ethic to rival the guys who make the juice, Matthew helped shape every idea, from concept to color correct. Literally. With his level of commitment, the entire thing comes off not like a spokesman, but with the authenticity that's at the core of the brand's DNA.



Like most campaigns with a major celebrity, we got massive amounts of press coverage. Unlike many, that coverage reinforced the brand's story of authenticity, of doing things their own way, regardless of what's popular. How Matthew's personal story dovetailed with the brand, and the particular way he is involved proved an irresistible story.


Announcing the PartnershiP

We spent a day at the distillery with Mr McConaughey and Mssrs Russell, the family that's made the bourbon for generations. Matthew explained what he respects about the brand and the family, and we all got a taste of what makes the place special. Most web films drag after a minute or two. At over six minutes, this one feels like it's a teaser for a story I want to kick back and enjoy with a glass or two. 



Budgets dictated a combined Print and TVC shoot. With stellar talent and shoot time at an ultra premium, we needed a photographer to help us pull off an iconic shot in an instant. Matthew stepped away from his Directing and Performing duties for just minutes to pull off this magic shot with photographer extraordinaire Joey L. It made its way around the globe in OOH, in-store, and print applications.



If you stay true to yourself, you'll get where you're supposed to be. It holds for bourbon as well as life. Matthew embodies it perfectly.




ROLE: Creative Direction  TEAM: Justin Pedone, Eric Weisberg, Erin Copithorne, Jessica Stewart, Brent Choi