For 60 years, Tylenol has been serving and supporting all families. But our consumers today see “family” as something different from how their parents or grandparents lived. In 2015, Tylenol showcased that while families may look and act different, we all still share the same fundamental values that create an enduring family bond. By celebrating the modern family and sharing all the ways we do family today, we proved that family is not about who you love but how.



In the weeks before the Supreme Court on marriage equality, we compared the milestone moments normative and non-traditional families experience in the creation of their families. Our director, Dustin Lance Black, explained the campaign in a behind-the-scenes video shared in PR and on social media.


Family Documentaries

With our media partners, we created thirteen documentary films, each featuring a unique family, all showing that however your family does it, all families deserve to be celebrated.



We scoured YouTube and edited a universal holiday celebration video to conclude the year-long effort.




ROLE: Creative Direction  TEAM: Itai Inselberg, Sean Ellman, Kate Carter, Logan Betsch, Dave Wasserman