Made For You To Love

If you want every last detail of your dinner to be perfect, the kind of food that tastes so good that you forget to instagram it, just about the last place you'd look is the frozen food aisle. We launched the Made For You To Love campaign to turn those expectations on their head.



In television, the care that goes into Stouffer's dishes is shown in the context of the power that they have to cut through distractions and create moments of family connection.



It's nice to read about all the love that goes into Stouffer's. It's nicer to enjoy the love that comes out.


Agree To Dish-Agree

Tasked with whipping up a Facebook promotion that all our fans would love, we scoured the data to find out what they liked, other than Stouffer's. Turns out there was just one other thing they all agreed Uggh.

Our creative team wasn't going down without a fight. We invented something we call the conflict coupon. Choose a side, choose one of your Facebook friends who disagrees with you and, if you can set aside your differences long enough to both agree that you love Stouffer's, you both get the deal. Otherwise, nada.

We stoked ancient rivalries in our social posts. A flame war from our friends at Buzzfeed got things cooking. And our fans ate it up. Engagement rose to .5% from a pre-campaign rate of .06% and we gained 50,000 fans, with over half coming from organic profile likes. 





ROLE: Creative Direction  TEAM: Itai Inselberg, Sean Ellman, Joah Shabtai, Bianca Guimarães, Caio Soares.