Do you want to hurt now, or hurt later?

That was the compromise other heartburn relief made you choose between. Pepcid was the first fast and long lasting solution, and it was pretty uncompromising with the competition too.



How obnoxious would it be to just straight out ask people if they wanted to hurt now or hurt later? We figured if our competitors we doing it for real, we could do it in our ads.



Most heartburn relief websites are either mired in medical jargon or full frontal Larry-The-Cable-Guy promotions, neither of which help sufferers. 

At, simple language, beautiful illustrations, and easy to understand infographics made it easy to feel better fast. And with extensive content from pills to holistic treatments, visitors could keep feeling better.

To make things even easier, we created an aggregator called My Heartburn Toolbox that asked users a few simple questions before pulling together all the relevant content from the site. Whether they were an occasional newbie or a long standing nighttime rager, the site allowed them to store their profile and get customized emails with new content and offers tailored to their experience. 


Cut Paper Illustration

We pulled some swipe off the web to sell our initial art direction. In an extraordinary turn of luck, when we contacted our dream illustrator, Ana Villalba, she turned out to not only be affordable but lovely to work with. 




ROLE: Creative Direction  TEAM: Andrea Schneider, Brock Kirby, Bianca Guimarães, Natalie Kaufman