Corporate Campaign

P&G has their Thank You, Mom campaign. Unilever launched Project Sunshine. But Nestlé has never had an umbrella corporate campaign in the United States. As the largest food producer in the world, they wanted to explore a campaign to showcase their tagline, Good Food, Good Life.

We weaved their internal Nutrition, Heath & Wellness principles into two large platform ideas wrapped around cultural tension points to position their brand an ally in our modern pursuit of better lives.


The Good Life

"Keeping up the the Joneses" isn't a new idea, but modern culture has taken it to extremes. We wanted to redefine it. In our view, the American dream is alive and well if we stay focused on the wellness of our loved ones. 


More Than Just A Food Company

Nestlé has a significant impact on the nutrition, health and wellness of Americans. Day in, day out, their brands are on the front lines. We asked what would happen if they communicated their internal vision more clearly, if they lived into it completely. Part brand action, part ad campaign, part internal north star, the campaign serves to capitalize on the growing trend of personal responsibility in healthcare, and make Nestlé a clear ally.  




ROLE: Creative Direction  TEAM: Howard Lenn, Lesley Coleman, Amy Su, Ben Morejon, Andrew Curtis, Winnie Chang.