#IWillListen - The Album


Songs to break the stigma of mental illness

After successfully creating and launching the stigma shattering campaign #IWillListen, in our second year we wanted to focus on making the message as shareable as possible. So we made an album. Because music helps us express things that are hard to talk about, and few things are as hard to talk about as mental illness.



The album was released on all the major digital music platforms as well as our own website where we showcased the singles, the digital booklet, behind-the-scenes videos, and information about how to help.


Behind The Scenes

The bands explain their songs, and reasons for participating in the project, through videos that give fans a peek into the recording sessions at the legendary Avatar Studios and their shoot with renowned music photographer Danny Clinch. We also made slideshow videos for a corporate event on World Mental Health Day that feature the photography from the album and facts about the issue.


The Artists - Digital Book

The digital book that accompanied the album contains song lyrics, artists statements, more photographs of the musicians and credits.




ROLE: Creative Direction  TEAM: Howard Lenn, Andrew Curtis, Ben Morejon, Sophie Kim, August Park