Case Study

Max My Dream


Start dreaming heartburn free.

What would you be dreaming if you weren't lying awake in agony? To promote Pepcid's heavy duty relief for nighttime, when heartburn is often at its worst, we partnered with The Barbarian Group to make a dream visualizer so the internet could show sufferers just what they were missing.



Simply tell the site your dream, in 140 characters or less, and it immediately animated it.

A bunch of background scenes, motion paths, thousands of illustrations, and an engine with Natural Language Processing made the whole thing work. That part probably wasn't simple, but our partners made it feel like it was.  



The site was promoted by a group of paid bloggers sharing their dreams, a dream sharing contest on Gawker, a Billy Bush integration that got celebrity dreams into the mix, as well as banners.



When the project was in its infancy, we weren't sure whether we were going to make a tech solution or create a contest to have dreams turned into short films by famous directors. The bright minds at the Barbarian Group convinced us they had the answer largely based on their proposal for twitter integration.  

The site was programmed to listen for #MaxMyDream and automatically tweet back a link to the animated dream. Dream oversharers could participate from twitter every morning, and a paid twitter influencer program would get the word out. 

As development finished, our dream became a nightmare when the client had some major problems and decided they weren't going to touch twitter with a ten foot pole.




ROLE: Creative Direction  TEAM: Itai Inselberg, Lisa Gilardi, The Barbarian Group