Power To Your Mouth

Listerine has always been the most powerful mouthwash. We wanted to show people why that power mattered, to celebrate the power of a healthy mouth. Our work unified the output of independent teams across the world from a single global idea to the way it appears, everywhere.


Brand book

I made this 35 page brand book to cover everything from writing briefs to not bastardizing the new logotype we developed. It was written with a few rules to keep things consistent, and a lot of latitude to keep things flexible for local markets.



In addition to guiding global consistency, I led work for the US market. These are a couple of spots that ran in the US.



Infographics superimposed on cropped mouth photography allow for complex product stories to be told in a simple, iconic way that feels part of the campaign.


How To Train Your Dragon 2 Partnership

To promote Listerine Kids and increase rinsing frequency for the entire family, we proposed a partnership with How To Train Your Dragon 2. The promos would get kids excited to try Listerine. The program would help parents teach their kids good oral care by rinsing together regularly. And an app unlocks content from the film to get them into the bathroom at night, and illustrated chapter books to help mom transition them into bedtime. 




ROLE: Creative Direction  TEAM: Gary Boyd, Lyle Shemer, Ben Morejon, Alex Schaeffer, Elke Erschfeld, Troy Torrison, Soyeon Yoo