Case Study

Lean Cuisine


Ditch The Diet – Go On A 10 Day Try-It

Every New Year, at the stroke of midnight, millions of people go diet crazy, giving up cabs, fat, calories, flavor and, let's face it, fun. So Lean Cuisine asked women to Ditch The Diet and go on a Try-It instead. We inspired women to stop giving things up and start digging in to new dishes and new experiences with a starter kit and social media encouragement to help them stick with it.


Diet Reality Check Video & Television

Our online video, Diet Reality Check, showed a new perspective on dieting. Our TV spot established the idea of digging in to fun as well as food. Along with other online media, they drove to the Lean Cuisine Facebook page to get a starter kit.


Starter Kit App

On Facebook and a mobile landing page, people could make a few quick selections and get a free meal, a 10 day menu tailored to their tastes, a sweepstakes entry and treats for sticking with it. 


Social Posts

We kept the encouragement going on Lean Cuisine's social channels with fun perspectives on food and dieting, comment-to-win minisweeps, and delicious looking dish suggestions.




ROLE: Creative Direction  TEAM: Rachel Birnbaum, Yana Goodstein, Emily Strand, Rebecca Brown, Archer West