Hanft Raboy & Partners


First time at the helm

From the end of 2003 to 2007 I led the digital creative department at HRP. During my tenure, we tripled in size and grew modest capabilities to ultimately handle large scale website redesigns, fully fledged integrated campaigns, the invention and development of new digital properties for our clients and a massive work stream for the largest advertiser on the internet at the time, attwireless.com.


ATTWireless.com & Cingular

After launching a redesign from another agency to dismal sales results, ATTWireless.com stripped their site back to something that looked like Yahoo! Turkmenistan. A summer in Seattle a few days a week getting tight with their internal department enabled us to concept and implement a host of piecemeal tactical and organizational changes making the site massively profitable. 

We also created about a billion banners for them in their run up to the sale to Cingular and worked through the rebranding transition.



When the CEO of ATTWireless.com got a new gig leading Match.com, he showed us the love. We became the AOR for the brand creating multiple fully integrated marketing campaigns for the US and the UK.

We were also responsible for site design and optimization pre-paywall. Their internal teams managed the parts of the site that required a subscription to access, but we contributed there as well, including one comprehensive site redesign and a slew of tactical improvements.

Beyond the site, and marketing campaigns, we created a number of IP projects for them. Most notably we invented the brand Chemistry.com from the ground up, in partnership with Dr. Helen Fisher, to compete with eHarmony. We created the MindFindBind self-help partnership with Dr. Phil. And we invented Happen Magazine to help our users as well as improve the subscription funnel from our partner sites like aol and msn.

See more work.



Building on the buyflow successes we had with AT&T and Match.com, we created a complete redesign of Hertz.com.

As their digital AOR, we also created a boatload of banners promoting everything from daily deals to new line introductions.


Virgin Mobile

Unbelievably, when we met them, this uber-awesome brand had an e-store that looked like an off-the- shelf solution for Walmart managers to re-order phones in bulk.

A beautiful IA implemented through a flash header made phones, accessories and content accessible and understandable. And uh, like, totally ridiculous copywriting, photos and comments submitted by teenagers and silly design made it cool.


Revolution Health

We designed this campaign to publish, through ad units and widgets, the good that the company was doing for its members by heroicizing the employees.

Advertising with a publishing application at its core, this campaign required minimal infrastructure updates of a few webcams, a video server and simple CMS.

It was sold but never fully realized because the consumer membership product was canceled while we were in development.




ROLE: Art Direction, Creative Direction, Departmental Head  TEAM: A whole bunch of awesome people.