Shaving sucks. Smooth is a pleasure.

It started with the thought that the process of shaving should feel as good as the results. Eos created a luxurious shave lotion that didn't require water or washing off, and we introduced it with a wildly sensuous website to show everyone the difference between shaving and smoothing.



Beautiful, bare, and close enough to feel the smoothness. The website was just a few simple pages of info with an immersive video of a woman using eos that streamed around the text.


Video & Promotion

As if the light version wasn't sexy enough, we made a secret dark version. An unprompted easter egg swapped the background video to an Agent Provocateur style strip tease. The secret was seeded with bloggers and other influentials as cultural capital that they could share with their followers. The song on the dark side, and an instrumental version on the light one, were provided by The Heavy.




ROLE: Art Direction  TEAM: Kim Haxton, Lindsey Musante