Eye Donate—A little anodized aluminium and a whole lot of good.

People love brands that help them express their values. People love Chuck Taylors. With Eye Donate, each eyelet on every pair of Chucks ordered online becomes a chance to raise money for charity, and lets everyone know what the person wearing them cares about. Unfortunately, this never made it past a concept deck. 



Converse already had the design-your-own shoes website functionality. With this one extra option, people could assign colors to their eyelets for the price of a small donation to their favorite causes.

Featured causes would appear in the main buyflow. A separate gallery could house an infinite range of causes that would link to the buyflow with that charity pre-populated. Fans could create their own causes, from charities to school fundraisers, in that gallery and promote them themselves.



Sending musicians and celebs who already wear Chucks a free pair, tricked out with their favorite charity's colors, may not always get the shout out, but it's easy and virtually free.

The massive Converse Facebook channel could occasionally feature charities in the editorial calendar with matching donations for certain high profile charity months. And with the ability for users to add their own causes, the platform supports affiliate marketing — like your kids' school bake sale, but with fresh chucks.

Of course, cute boys and girls wearing them doesn't hurt either.




ROLE: Creative Direction