Love, Chapstick


The best way to get love has always been to give it.

People love Chapstick. But with increased competition and a product strategy gone haywire it was easy to forget. We wanted to show people that Chapstick loves them back, right on the lips.

Everything from creative to comms architecture was designed around the idea of a human relationship so that, even with the limited resources we all have for our loved ones, people would be sure to know Chapstick was the same fun, young brand they fell in love with. 

Unfortunately, the client ran something else but, like looking at photos of an old flame, it's hard not to imagine what could have been.


Concept Video

To introduce the idea to the clients, we made this video chronicling the history of the brand and it's fans. 


Special Occasions

"Do not forget your anniversary." With a limited budget, the brand needed to be selective about where and when it would spend on media. These larger special occasion programs were designed to make a memorable impression a few times a year. 


Unexpected Moments

Of course a nice birthday celebration is important, but it's those times when we do something special, out of the blue, that they tell their friends about. These low expense, high buzz-value programs were our way of replicating that effect.


Every Day

And last, but definitely not least, empty the dishwasher and take out the trash. It costs almost nothing, but no relationship truly works if you're not there, day in and day out. A little radio and outdoor would keep us top of mind without breaking the bank. And we brought the relationship story to retail to maintain a constant presence without spending on media.


Photo Album

For our relationship concept to shine, photography would need to be more than product shots and bite & smile stock. It would need to feel real, like your photo album if you were a really good photographer. We created this photography style guide as a love letter photo album to set the tone.




ROLE: Creative Direction  TEAM: Itai Inselberg, Lisa Gilardi, Jonathan Bellinger, Rachel Birnbaum, Boris Poletaev