Bartle Bogle Hegarty


Back in the day

From early 2002 through most of 2003, I worked at BBH as a freelancer in Matt Campbell's Design & Digital department. I was one of a couple people responsible for developing almost the entire digital output of the New York office during that period.

It was my first exposure to Major League advertising with extraordinarily talented creative teams. Most of the time it was figuring out how to execute their wild ideas. Sometimes it was as loose as "what can you do with this".


eSpeed & Cantor Fitzgerald

eSpeed's parent company, Cantor Fitzgerald, lost 658 of their 960 employees on 9/11. In an inspiring act of selflessness, survivors rebuilt the trading platform within a week and dedicated 25% of profits for five years to support the families of those lost. Errol Morris interviewed them about their efforts. 

In those pre-YouTube, pre-broadband days, we couldn't just post videos. I was brought in to create four stories out of those interviews, pulling stills of the video and combining it with the audio and animated design elements as well as building the site and player in flash that hosted them.

As BBH exploded Axe all over North America, there was a huge effort put into online. They did initial production of the site with one9 and I was brought in to finish and expand it, making a VIP version, French for Canada and creating tons of new content sections to fill out the modular site structure.


Axe Automated Matching System

This site module was my most ambitious flash coding project. The crew challenged me to build a phone-style system for selecting the type of woman you want to attract with choices like "Hot librarian stacking books on a ladder" wearing "whipped cream." It then read it all back to you and recommend the scent of Axe to use. Lots of arrays and audio chopped to least common denominators so that it would work in those pre-broadband days.


Axe Essence

After some fooling around with synching two video streams, we ultimately made this by editing the forwards and backwards versions as one piece and letting users jump to playing either direction.


Coping With All The Ladies

Coping With All The Ladies - The Axe Wearer's Handbook was a promotional magazine insert which I made a simple online version of. It was down and dirty, just like Axe. A real fast job, basically the same as the print version with an intro animation and a few bonus chapters if you register your email. This stuff is ridiculously funny.


Levi's Standards Guide

The fantastic Bill Moulton designed this piece to teach basic looks and directions to stylists and other people who implement the Levi's aethetic. I did a little bit of design, primarily related to the animation, and then coded it all up to make it move.


Johnnie Walker

The iconic Striding Man made appearances in online banners and digital OOH.




ROLE: Design and digital development  TEAM: A whole bunch of badasses.